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So before we even get things started with this one i want to give a big thank you to every one of you who have been here for all the dobby and todoroki family content lately with such a big moment in the manga we of course had nothing but ideas to share and you guys have really been here for it so thank you for going as hard as you do and with this one we will be keeping up the trend by talking a bit hypothetically in regards to the path of dobby at this point the man has certainly dealt one of the biggest blows to heroic society in history but was originally intended to become one of if not its greatest hero and so i would love to properly explore such a possibility and consider what dobby would be like as a hero so like shoto from pretty much the moment his quark manifested toya was trained to surpass all might this was of course an incredibly daunting task but one that at least for a time toya was eager to accomplish his fire was described to be superior to that of his father endeavors and although he lacked the desired ice quirk of his mother had so much firepower that his potential could not be denied however his quirk was not without complications whereas endeavour merely overheats on account of excessive quark usage toei’s flesh would begin to burn as his output was just that powerful as such finding this weakness to be unavoidable endeavor moved on discarding any hopes of toyah one day becoming a hero now this was certainly painful for toya this was a future and a dream that he had been promised from as far back as he could remember only to have it stolen from him and handed to others this is a pain and resentment that led to the path of villainy for dobby but i truly believe that it could have very well been the true start of a path of heroism for toyah in the beginning i’m sure toyah like most young children saw the absolute best in his father and probably even idolized him his father one of the greatest heroes in the nation but in both cases hero and villain would have this outlook shattered by his father’s heinous pursuits dobby in his public address the japanese people mentioned that he had seen the physical abuse of his younger brother shoto abuse that he suffered even as their father’s prize favorite with this i don’t think toya’s mentality has to change much for him to be a hero as all he would have to do is recognize endeavor to be a villain the thing is that endeavour’s crimes are irrefutable he was abusive and neglectful both mentally and physically towards both his children and his spouse and that by its lonesome could very well serve to ruin both his reputation and aspirations in the event that his kids be taken away from him effectively fulfilling dobby’s dream without the expense of innocence truly the only moral conflict i can imagine that would keep any of them from doing this would be the knowledge that for as horrible a father as the man may be he is the number two hero and at that even including all might at the time had the most resolved cases for any hero and so by extension to take him down in this way would be to make japan a far less safe place to live so what would a heroic toya do in the face of this complication i believe he would rise to the occasion he would fulfill the role of his father and surpass him in every aspect in that case the loss would not be a problem and he would doubly be able to prove endeavor wrong about him and if this were to have been the case toya would need to train on his own time the regulation of his fire would be vital to his development as a hero as to avoid charring his own flesh then again this world is populated by some bizarre looking people so it wouldn’t be the strangest thing ever for him to look like he does hopefully he could avoid setting any buildings on fire with him in it but you know what even with his bodily weakness there is no doubt in my mind toya had heroic potential it’s just that endeavour only wanted the best of the best a candidate for future number one hero otherwise any of the other totoroki kids could have been made into great heroes as well now an interesting point dobby made when taunting his father was in relation to endeavour’s hero agency now this is an agency full of firebase quark wielders and so similarly to how shoto goes there for his field studies toya could have done the very same albeit learning less from endeavour directly and more from his peers but don’t get me wrong he would still like shoto be doing all this with intentions of using endeavor to go beyond endeavor his resentment towards his father would serve as a motivator just like how it does for him as a villain but in this case he’d refuse to cross that line as to avoid becoming the very thing that he despises now on another note his younger sister fuyumi was born under the pretense that she’d be able to support and help her older brother and that he would in turn be able to help and support her and so in this alternate reality in them both being cast aside he could have still sought her help and additionally with the closeness of his relationship to his little brother natsuo would have two ice-based siblings to watch his back because again he doesn’t need to be the greatest hero ever at least not alone that’s endeavour’s dream not his and finally as a means of avoiding the self-destructive nature of his quirk toya would in theory have been able to better control the issue by way of support items typically only provided to professional heroes or heroes in training as he son of endeavor i doubt toyo would have a hard time getting a hold of something like this and if privilege doesn’t come to his rescue at the very least being a hero in training would the extent to which it would be able to help isn’t so clear but considering dobby has absolutely none but is able to do all that he does i’d say any improvement is a welcome one for toya surpassing his father would be different and being better than his father would mean truly becoming a proper hero a journey that he would be able to begin by saving his very own family from the villainy of endeavour i really hope you guys enjoyed this one as this roll swap series of ours is always plenty of fun to create let me know what you guys think about all this and what you think of toyotoroki the hero in the comments down below my hero academia is on fire right now and so are we so to keep up with all that’s happening and all that we have to contribute be sure to subscribe to the channel and hit the bell for notifications as we are rapidly approaching that glorious 100k milestone and if you’d like to be my hero and support the plot army further go ahead and check out our patreon linked in the description there you’ll be able to access a whole slew of benefits that include the art that we use in our thumbnails and otherwise as well as some exclusive content not available here on youtube i really hope to see you guys with the next one because when it comes to bringing you some of the best my hero academia content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i am slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day.

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